Asian cities

The BVI is an internationally respected financial center connecting markets, facilitating inbound and outbound investment, trade and capital flows. The BVI has been working with Asian businesses since the 1980s and is uniquely positioned to further facilitate economic growth across the region.  In spite of the global headwinds, the BVI continues to punch above its weight and remains the leading partner of choice in the Asian market. 

According to a report produced by London-based research group Capital Economics - Creating Value: The BVI’s Global Contribution – the BVI mediates US$1.5 trillion in assets globally.  Two-fifths of these assets are located in Asia, with China and Hong Kong accounting for the lion share, while 75 per cent of Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index is made up of companies with direct linkages to the BVI.

Having weathered a plethora of storms, the BVI is The Little Engine that Could, pressing forward with an array of innovations and strategies for success to enhance the experience of its financial services customers globally and its primary market in Asia.

Leaders at the highest levels of the BVI Government, BVI Finance and BVI focused practitioners and experts here in Asia come together for thought-provoking candid high-level conversations on the critical issues and innovations shaping the future of financial services in the BVI and in the Asian market.

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